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John Constantine, Hellblazer, Vol. 1: Original Sins by Jamie Delano et al.

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Rating: It's fine / ★★★
Genre: Supernatural Horror
Release Date: March 8, 2011
Publisher: Vertigo / DC Comics

Original Sins starts as a monster-of-the-week hardboiled horror comic that frankly put me off from its dated and distasteful takes. I’ve been Twitter-adjacent too long to be anything but annoyed at this particular combination of the abrasive & crass with progressive politics as told through a white lens because so often, that particular perspective hurts and/or excludes those they claim to ally with and then shields itself by claiming that authenticity, realism, or grit excuses the narrative of whatever harm it might cause.

Witchbane by Morgan Brice

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Rating: It's fine / ★★★
Genre: Paranormal M/M Romance
Release Date: February 28, 2018
Publisher: Darkwind Press
Series: Witchbane, #1
Content Includes: Character death, reference to homophobia, reference to car accidents, reference to stalking

Back when I believed I was ride-or-die for my main, Supernatural, I read Bone Key, official Supernatural profic written by Keith R.A. DeCandido. What that starry-eyed child learned was that she rode for no book without sufficient lyricism and that no, she can’t just have fun; a story must devastate my soul or it’s dead to me.

That’s anathema to most romances (that I’ve read); the point is usually to impart positive feelings, which I’m resistant to. That’s why I was attracted to this series. It works within a familiar framework and delivers upon its most basic promises, but its capital “S” Supernatural angle looked like it could potentially satisfy my particular need for high stakes inside of a considerable plot.

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