Hey, I’m Terri & I’m a burnt out misanthrope. This is a super casual blog for working through my thoughts on art in all its forms. Shit will be messy, by I promise my honest opinion of whatever it is I decide to post about because objectivity is a lie anyways.


This is a game where the points don’t matter; ratings are assigned on an obfuscated five-star scale for your at-a-glance convenience.

0/5 – Laughably bad. Think Killer Klowns From Outer Space; they transcend the scale and stick out like a joker card. These are the unicorns recommended for pure spectacle.

1/5 – The fucking worst. I hated these, often because of a problematic element that made me rage. Most of these are works that I believe are damaging, hurtful, or harmful.

2/5 – Boring. It wasn’t good and I wanted it to be over.

3/5 – I liked it. It was fine. It was good. Maybe really good — or maybe just mediocre but still a completely okay way of passing the time. A lot of media that I recognize as being well-crafted-but-not-for-me ends up here.

4/5 – Damn good. I confidently recommend this stuff because it’s entertaining and accomplishes its intent well.

5/5 – So sweet, so fine. I bought a physical copy to mark up or rewatch. I’m making a little shrine in my heart. I’m obsessing. Reading all the interviews, essays, listcles, et cetera. These hit a personal nerve and are thus not included because of their technical brilliance (though they’re likely superlative), but rather are included because of their ability to reach me.


I’m equally unavailable all over the Internet.



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